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Ultimate Destination For All Your Beauty Needs In Plano

Instyle Nails & Spa is a haven of relaxation and serenity, an upscale spa dedicated to your satisfaction. Our professional nail technicians are always attuned, friendly and responsive to all your needs. We have embodied our own signature blend of natural and organic ingredients, maintaining the sanitary needs towards each individual. We are committed to bringing you the latest advances in beauty care and we only use top quality products so that your health and safety can never be compromised.There is nothing more important to us than your safety and comfort when you visit our salon. That’s why we pledge to adhere to the highest industry standards.Give yourself a little guilty pleasure by indulging yourself in our soothing and deeply relaxing services!


About Us

Why we are Special

How Was Our Service?

Tell us about your experience at Instyle! At our salon, we value customer satisfaction above everything else. If you face any problem with us, we will take immediate action to rectify it. Talk to us by sending us a message here.

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